Off The Road 

Wheel Systems

For years, Off The Road Wheel Systems has been active to make difficult terrain, such as the beach and forest, more accessible for the disabled with the Jutter and all-terrain wheelchair Jutter Wombat.


The beach wheelchair Jutter and all-terrain wheelchair Jutter Wombat are present in many places. Also the

beach roller Easy Roller is a much appreciated tool. The unique of these products are the special Wheeleez types.

Why an E-Jutter Wombat
  • The Wombat has proven that difficult-to-access areas are nevertheless accessible to the less able-bodied fellow human.

  • The E-Jutter Wombat is a further development from the well-known basic model, whereby it is now possible for the user to drive himself.

  • The tires together with the geometry of the frame ensure unrivaled stability and safety.

  • The joystick can be operated by driver and attendant from any desired position.

  • The E-Jutter Wombat has a powerful Lithium Ion battery that you can use for approximately 4 hours.

  • The capacity meter indicates the remaining capacity, so you will not be surprised the battery suddenly runs out.

  • The wheelchair has a connection for an extra battery or an external emergency battery.

  • The motors are also motor brakes.

  • The fully electric parking brake is unique. This parking brake is explained as a negative brake, which activates the brake as soon as no power is used or the voltage is off.

  • The turning circle of the E-Jutter Wombat is very small, less than 2 meters, making it easy to maneuver.

  • There are sufficient adjustment options for the leg and footrests so that the user has a good sitting position.

  • The backrest is adjustable in height, ideal in case the E-Jutter Wombat is controlled by an attendant.

  • The entry and exit is designed so that it is safe and easy for the user.

  • The E-Jutter Wombat, including battery pack, weighs only 75 kg and that is noticeable when driving.

  • The E-Jutter Wombat is equipped with an adjustable tilt protection.