Nowadays it is no longer necessary to own everything yourself. Some things you buy, others you borrow or share and others you lease. Access to information, goods and services where a payment is made per month or per use has the future. Off The Road Wheelsystems responds to this by means of a high service lease concept whereby the user gets access to the use of the E-Jutter Wombat with the complete service on this wheelchair. The customer has access to an E-Jutter Wombat, with the certainty that they will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. In addition, because the customer is not the owner of the wheelchair, the wheelchair can be exchanged for a newer model over time. Convenience, security and flexibility.


The E-Jutter Wombat is a unique all terrain wheelchair. Off The Road Wheelsystems does not charge for the delivery of the wheelchair. Upon delivery of the wheelchair, a clear explanation about the use and maintenance of the wheelchair is given. We only leave when the customer can get on with the wheelchair in a good and safe way. If there are malfunctions, we will resolve them as quickly as possible free of charge.


The customer has complete certainty. The need to be able to use products flexibly is increasing. Off The Road Wheelsystems responds to this by offering a service agreement for a specific period. Over time, the customer can break open the agreement and choose a new product during the term.

Reparation & service

Off The Road Wheelsystems has organized the service in a simple and effective way. Short lines and direct contact result in a maximum response time of 48 hours on workdays. This means that wheelchairs that no longer work properly will be repaired within 48 hours or a replacement product will be delivered. The customer has no unexpected costs, such as call-out costs, repair costs or costs for parts. In addition, the customer has no hassle and discussion during repair and / or maintenance. The service therefore offers more than the regular ones.

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